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According to Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data,  up to 80% of all payments are still being done in cash. The reason is that a significant percentage of users do not want to share their personal-, banking and/or credit card details on the internet. 

This is where the cash product CashtoCode comes into play. CashtoCode offers a convenient way of paying for all kind of items online with cash – no sign-up/registration required. With more than  360,000 point of sale partners customers easily find a nearby location to pay with CashtoCode.  Our POS network covers supermarkets, kiosks, tobacconists, gas stations and newsagents across selected markets around the world.

 By accepting CashtoCode online merchants benefit from:

  • No chargebacks
  • No fraud – safe, closed-loop barcode service
  • Access to new, untapped customer segments
  • Competitive fees
  • Easy and quick implementation 
  • A single integration to use over 360,000 POS partners as a payment channel
  • Grow your business and customer base with CashtoCode’s various communication channels
  • Diversify your payments portfolio without additional investments or risk

Sounds interesting? 

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