POS Partners

Funanga’s cash service CashtoCode runs on your existing POS infrastructure. Our API adds CashtoCode as an electronic product to your existing portfolio. CashtoCode is a beautiful business enabler, it does not require shelf-space, does not require investment, does not require maintenance or restocking, while it drives significant incremental business and helps opening new customer groups for our POS partners. Cash drives the customer to your store.

Many popular online brands are already accepting CashtoCode. Why not become a POS partner for our growing network of online merchants?

  • Easy to implement – we take care of this
  • No fraud – Safe, closed-loop barcode service 
  • Earn attractive commission with every sale
  • Grow your business and customer base 
  • Become a checkout partner of some of the biggest names in e-commerce
  • Diversify your product and service offering without investment or risk
  • New customers in your store every day – no Marketing needed 

If desired,  CashtoCode also supports your retail location or chain with state of the art POS infrastructure. Contact us for more information about our POS solutions.



Interested in becoming a POS partner of CashtoCode? 

➡️ Please contact      commercial@funanga.com