MiFinity launches instant online eVoucher solution for global wallet top-ups

Malta, 14th October 2021 – MiFinity, the secure eWallet, today announced the launch of a new online eVoucher that customers can use to top up their MiFinity account and spend funds with hundreds of merchants. A secure e-money product, the new service enables instant online deposits in multiple currencies and denominations across Europe, APAC, Africa and the Americas. In addition, the company has also announced its plans for a unique “direct-to-wallet” eVoucher that allows customers to top up merchant accounts without involving the MiFinity eWallet.     

The flexible Mifinity eVoucher can be purchased initially on digital eVoucher reseller, Dundle.com with more online outlets coming online soon, and can be purchased in a variety of digital formats as a barcode, alpha-numerical code, QR code or customized token. The customer then supplies this code when loading their MiFinity eWallet. It is a convenient and secure way for customers to add funds to their eWallet in multiple regions worldwide.  

The Mifinity eVoucher is issued by MiFinity and built on Funanga’s high-performance B2B prepaid platform and utilizes its CashtoCode eVoucher API. As part of a close working relationship with MiFinity, Funanga delivered a secure, fully compliant and localised global e-money solution in less than four weeks. In doing so, the team addressed multiple challenges around customer support, localisation, global fulfilment, user experience and providing sophisticated tools for reporting and performance analysis. 

The next step in the integration with Funanga is to roll out a “direct-to-merchant” product. Meaning the MiFinity eVoucher will be used to make deposits directly with accepting merchants, without customers ever needing to load or use the Mifinity eWallet initially. This represents a unique payment mechanism, which MiFinity expects to prove very popular among operators and their customers alike.  

Every operator is looking for reliable payment solutions for emerging markets,” said MiFinity CEO Paul Kavanagh. “This is a truly global solution. With instant and secure online payments, our eVoucher solution opens a lot of doors for operators considering geographical expansion. Likewise, it is a perfect fit for operators seeking omnichannel payments solutions who want to complement the payment methods they already have in place”. 

Our fully-managed B2B eVoucher platform is an incredibly powerful global payment enabler straight out of the box” said Funanga CEO, Jens Bader. “As a white label product, it offers the scale, flexibility and reliability that any payment wallet or operator needs to be a global force in the market. Whether closed- or open-loop, physical or digital, whatever approach is required for the specific situation, we have it covered“.